Why dry skin brush, you ask? Well, please allow me to explain. You see, Dry Brushing is a great lymph stimulant that supports your overall health and is something you can do yourself from home. Here at National Lymphatic Centers, we are empowering our patients to encourage their lymphatic health.


This Mini Guide to Dry Skin Brushing will teach you how to brush like a practitioner does during a lymph treatment. This 5 page guide and 2 minute video includes:

* A step by step guide to manual dry brushing and the various techniques.  
* Does the direction really matter and what direction is best.
* Tips to dry brushing our most vulnerable areas.
* What brushes and tools are best for different areas of our body. 
* Next Step resources to continue suppoting healthy lymphatic flow. 



Dry Brushing

This free guide is your chance to get expert insight into moving your lymph. 

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