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NLC Dry Brush Mastery 8-page workbook with 30 min video.

We all want healthy skin, good circulation, less swelling, and better immune systems. So what does all of this have to do with dry skin brushing, you ask? Well, please allow me to explain. You see, Dry Brushing is a great ancient technique that modern day science can back up for stimulating lymph fluid which supports your overall health.  Brushing is something you can do for yourself as self care at home. Self care is a fundamental time to unwind and recharge. Here at National Lymphatic Centers and The Vogel Institute of Lymphology, we are empowering our patients and students to encourage their lymphatic health.


This NLC Dry Brushing Mastery 8 page workbook and 30 minute video will teach you how to brush like a Practitioner at one of our clinics during a lymph treatment. The Dry Brushing Mastery Workbook will discuss:

* There are different types of brushes you should choose for specific purposes.

* Does the direction really matter and what direction is best?

* Tips to dry brushing plus maneuvering over delicate areas.

* How to prepare before brushing for maximum results.

* Contraindications of who should avoid dry brushing.

As a FREE bonus and added value we are giving you access to our dry brushing video. This video is an exact example of a service at National Lymphatic Centers. Watch and practice along with me as I break down each step and discuss techniques to properly drain the lymph while creating a sculpted look all from home all less than a $25.00 educational investment.